Apple Repair Specialists Alliance

iPhone repair Specialists, iPod Repair Specialists, iPad Repair Specialists and Mac Repair Specialists come together and established 'Apple Repair Specialists Alliance'. Independent repairers realized the strong benefits of 'Working Together' and 'Growing Together'. 

Both of Repairing Service providers and Consumers are happy. 
you can check [Alliance of iPhone Repair Specialists] how this Alliance can help 'Service Providers' and 'Customers'. 

Now The service range is wider such as iPod Repair, iPhone Repair, iPad Repair and Mac Repairs. 
Please Stay Tuned this page. More Updated news will be posted. 

As a customer point of view, if you see the following symbol on the website or Store front, you can trust their quality of Service. Because All members of Apple Repair Specialists Alliance are very serious about repairing business (unlike Private repairers - hit & run) and we do research Products/Services and get trained continuously in order to provide better services
The Symbol of Service For iPod
The Symbol of Service For iPhone
The Symbol of Service For iPad
The Symbol of Service For Mac