Preventing Water Damage From Destroying Your iPhone

Water damage can be detrimental to any electronics item. In fact, if the water damage is bad enough, it can render the it useless. If a person's iPhone gets wet and certain actions are not taken, the phone may no longer be useable.

In this article, we will take a look at one pretty effective method to prevent water damage from destroying your iPhone. Now, please proceed with caution. We take no responsibility if your iPhone is damaged while using this technique to fix your mobile. It has proven to be effective but not in every single instance. Please note, that if the liquid which has come into contact with your iPhone, isn't water but something else, for instance, coke, syrup or coffee, it may be necessary to take additional measures to remove the residue.

The process we will detail below works for the iPhone 3 GS and the iPhone 3G. It includes 9 easy steps.

1. Remove the iPhone from the liquid and turn off the power. Dry it as best as you can and then shake it using the headphone jack device and bottom connector. Give it a firm shake. This will help release the water trapped in the hidden areas of the phone. It will also remove it from the connectors and board.

Contact iPhone Repairs Specialist immediately.

The faster you take action, 

the quicker we can save your water damaged iPhone.

-. Even if you remove water outside iPhone, 

it doesn't mean you remove moisture inside iPhone.

Don't do these below. 

If you did that, this will be the biggest mistake you have ever made.

Moisture/Liquid inside your iPhone will destroy very tiny iPhone parts ( some parts are smaller than your single hair).  

2.Next, grab a zip lock bag and fill it up with white rice. Place the iPhone in the bag and seal it up.

3.Put the bag on some place warm for a period of 24 hours. Placing it on top of a cable box or computer case are both good options.

4.After the first 24 hours, take the phone out of the bag and place it on a warm surface for an additional 24 hours. Flip the phone over several times over the next 24 hours.

5.Keep the phone turned off but open up iTunes on your laptop or computer.

6.Next, connect the iPhone to your laptop of PC and then turn the phone on. The data may be corrupted. If this is the case, restore everything.

7.To restore the the phone, press 'restore' once the computer recognizes it in iPhones.

8.Once the phone has been restored, it should work as good as new.

9. The screen may have dark spots. This is because the water likely leaked behind the LCD. Don't worry, you may be able to clean or repair it. If neither are possible, you may have to replace it. Make sure that you use a quality repair service, to ensure that it is fixed correctly.