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iPhone Specialists proudly support Beyond Blue National Campaign & 'How Do you Measure Up? Campaign'.  

You are not alone. Beyondblue National Advertising campaign with revesbyseller

#1 Depression - You're not alone.

We are supporting beyondblue National Advertising Campaign
We will send some beyondblue Info Card or Marchandise with Your repaired iPhone.
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Depression and anxiety can affect anyone, anywhere, at any time.

'You hide your depression

because if you
burden your family
you think you'll
lose them.'

'Anxiety is
It's always there in your mind... and you wait.

'Depression is
more than stress.
It doesn't go away.'

'Postnatal depression is like
living in a fog.
You Wonder how you're
going to keep going.'

'Bipolar disorder.
That's why you're
so high,
then so low.

It's exhausting.'

'To numb depression and anxiety
I drink.
but the awful sadness
never goes away.'

'I had no energy.
I didn't give a stuff.
I didn't know it
was depression.'

'When you're growing up
you're told you have
to be the strong one.
but depression
doesn't care.'
'He'd changed.
He wasn't himself anymore.
I didn't know
what to say or do...I felt helpless.'

we are supporting How Do you Measure Up Campaign , Find out more information

#2 How Do You Measure UP?

We are supporting "How Do You Measure UP?" Campaign by Australian Better Health Initiative. Find Out More...
We will send some measure tape or booklet with Your repaired iPhone.

1 in 2 Australian adults is overweight.[1] And, irrespective of your height or build, if your waistline is getting bigger it could mean you are at increased risk of chronic diseases like some cancers, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

We thought it's our friend's story or our neighbor's story. Wow~ After measuring up our iPhone Specialists' waistline, We realized it's our story. and Surprisingly our WRONG lifestyle affects our children's lifestyle as well according to the information from Australian Better Health Initiative Research. Please find more information here.

Our little effort - distributing measure tape / booklet - can help Our Friends, Our customers and Our Community to be healthier. We believe is not only the place for fixing & repairing the broken iPhone, but also the place to communicate with our neighbour.

[1]Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). National Health Survey 2004-05: Summary of results. ABS 4364.0. Canberra: ABS.