Costco Australia Jobs - Depot ( Logistics) Manager - Sydney west

posted Jul 27, 2011, 4:44 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 25, 2012, 12:10 AM ]
Job Summary:
Now recruiting for Costco in a Sydney location. An excellent opportunity for experienced & senior logistics manager.
Location: Sydney - West

Depot (Logistics) Manager 
  • Grow your retail management experience with Costco.
  • Highly competitive remuneration packages are available.
  • Be part of this fresh, dynamic and global team of retail professionals.
As part of the Senior Management Team
You will be the driving force behind the effective management of the depot. This will require you to maintain operational standards of safety and quality while leading, mentoring and coaching staff in delivering superior service. Some of your responsibilities will include:
  • Manage and lead a team across different supply chain disciplines
  • Financial management of the depot
  • Monitoring employee and depot performance to ensure high productivity and compliance to company procedures and standards
  • Managing inventory control and standards
  • Responsible for incoming and outgoing freight, internal movement of merchandise, shipping and transport planning processes

Your Profile
You must possess the following qualities

  • Vast and extensive management experience within a large format warehouse environment
  • Knowledge of various logistics facets, receiving, shipping, despatching merchandising to maximise product and store awareness is critical
  • Knowledge of employee agreements and general compliance law
  • The ability to manage a large team with excellent people and communication skills
  • Enjoy being “hands on” and getting involved in the operations
  • Maintain a commitment to honesty, integrity & maintain high operational standards
  • Foster an open, informative and collaborative work environment in line with the organisations core values
Available to the successful candidate
  • Highly competitive & rewarding salary
  • Opportunity to work with international, industry leading professionals

Position to start in September 2011

Job Ref : AU2068HO000006
Location: Sydney - West
Submitted : 12-07-2011
Contact: Home Office
Contact Phone: 02 9469 7999

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