Costco Catalogue and Costco Prices - Kitchen Play Sets and other costco products

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costco sydney store has lots of range of Kid / children play sets including Kitchen play sets, Outdoor play sets

Large Pastel Kitchen from KidKraft , Price is as below. 

Costco Sydney - Children's Kitchen Play Sets Price & Photo
Click the photo of Kidkraft Large Pastel Kitchen Play Set above to enlarge.

After a bit of research, here are some reviews 
For the money this is a great investment. My daughter (6) wanted a kitchen so bad and all the other ones seemed too infantile. She plays with it everyday and just loves it. Best present I have gotten her so far.
My husband and I put this Kitchen together tonight (Christmas eve) and I was so impressed by it that I came upstairs to write its review. While my husband was putting it together he said he was super impressed by its construction and how they took care in adding extra stability with the hardware involved. You certainly will want to follow the instructions to a "T" and use your own screwdrivers instead of the "tool" that comes with it. It took us about 2 hours to put it together. After we were finished it was so much cuter in person than in the picture. And it was super sturdy! My 17 month old will LOVE it!
$149.99 Wow, it's in USA Target Price. 

Kidkraft Large Pastel Kitchen Play Set

Wow it's USA Target Price - KidKraft Large Pastel Kitchen Play set is USD$149.99 but in Costco Sydney Store , it's only Price 
in Costco Sydney Store - Kidkraft Large Pastel Kitchen Play Set  Price
Click the photo of Kidkraft Large Pastel Kitchen Play Set above to enlarge.

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Read More Costco Catalogue and Prices

Read More Costco Catalogue and Prices

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