Costco Sydney Catalogue & Prices - Savvy Shoppers' Choice

posted Jul 27, 2011, 4:52 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 9, 2012, 5:02 PM ]
 A three-carat diamond ring at $370,000
a three-carat diamond ring at $370,000

A three-carat diamond ring at $370,000 ? wow... 

Seriously, Who will buy this 3 carat diamond ring in Costco Sydney store ? Costco employee? or Bargain Hunters? it's not 1k or 2k. the price is $370,000 . probably the most expensive item in Costco Sydney Store. 
and is it consignment sale ? Not sure... if Costco Sydney Store keeps toilet paper stock with the same value as this 3 carat diamond ring, it could occupy the 1/3 of Costco sydney store floor area. haha.

$10 for 12 large muffins - usually cost $3.50 each at other stores.

$10 for a large tub of strawberries 

$10 for a 1kg pack of chicken.

$32 for a gas cylinder - $20 cheaper usually paid.

$10 for a 500g pack of smoked trout 

$10 for six pairs of socks

$60 for a camping chair that usually costs $100.

Generally cheaper for many grocery items, 

the price of liquor is about the same as Dan Murphy's

The most popular items were 60 rolls of toilet paper, at $22, and 186 nappies for $52.

two tins of American Poppycock popcorn at $10.49 for 850g 

1kg of Hershey's chocolates at $15.

$48.99 for three bottles of Olay regenerist cream- usually retailed at $30 a bottle elsewhere.

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Read More Costco Catalogue and Prices

Read More Costco Catalogue and Prices

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