iPhone 3G Repair

Have a broken iPhone 3G and want to spice it up a little bit? How about you get it repaired with a piece of white glass rather than black? This is the hottest and latest available! 

* Available iPhone 3G Repair Services by iPhone Specialists.

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iPhone 3G Audio Jack Repair

iPhone 3G Back Housing Replacement-Black

iphone repair part - 3G black white  Housing - iphone repair sydney specialist Occasionally iPhone 3G Back Housing ( Rear Panel ) becomes a little worn and torn. This iPhone 3G back housing replacement can be done within 20 minutes by well trained iPhone Specialists. Read more.... |Top|

iPhone 3G Back Housing Replacement-White

iPhone 3G Battery Repair

iphone repair part - 3G battery - iphone repair sydney specialist It's very common for iPhone 3G's battery to become weak. There are many reasons to cause this such as dropped iPhone 3G, water damage or overcharging / overuse. A bad performed iPhone 3G battery makes you very frustrated because you cannot play / talk Read more.... |Top|

iPhone 3G Broken Glass & LCD Repair

iPhone 3G Broken Glass Repair

iphone repair part - 3G Glass - iphone repair sydney specialist iPhone 3G touch glass, touch screen, digitizer or simply glass. These are all the same name which indicates the outer touch screen of iPhone 3G mobile device. Once you drop your iPhone, mostly this outer touch glass is broken or cracked. While you can still use the touch screen of iPhone 3G, It's strongly recommended to fix the cracked iPhone screen ASAP. Because it causes the further d. Read more.... |Top|

iPhone 3G Broken LCD Repair

iphone repair part - 3G LCD - iphone repair sydney specialist We call it as iPhone 3G LED, LCD or display screen. iPhone 3G screen is not clear? video or photo is blurred? It's the sigin for you to replace iPhone 3G LCD. You can often see a series of discolored lines if this inner display LCD is broken. Read more.... |Top|

iPhone 3G Complete Refurbishment-Black

iPhone 3G Complete Refurbishment-White

iPhone 3G Docking & Charging Port Repair

iphone repair part - 3G Docking , Charging Port - iphone repair sydney specialist iPhone 3G Charger Port, USB Port, Docking port or charging port. Have you experienced your iPhone fails to light up while plugging in or failure to connect or charge? It could be the problem of iPhone 3G USB port or charge cable problem. If it's caused by the external USB cable problem, you are lucky however it could be a problem of internal docking / charging port cable and then you need to Read more.... |Top|

iPhone 3G EarSpeaker Repair

iPhone 3G Home Button Repair

iPhone 3G Loudspeaker Repair

iPhone 3G Microphone Repair

iPhone 3G Power Button Repair

iPhone 3G Tilt Sensor Repair

iPhone 3G Vibrate Repair

iPhone 3G Volume Repair

iPhone 3G Water Damage Repair

iPhone 3G WiFi Repair

iPhone 3G Repair Parts Photo by iPhone Specialist