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iPhone 3G Broken Glass Repair

iPhone 3G touch glass, touch screen, digitizer or simply glass. These are all the same name which indicates the outer touch screen of iPhone 3G mobile device. Once you drop your iPhone, mostly this outer touch glass is broken or cracked. 

While you can still use the touch screen of iPhone 3G, It's strongly recommended to fix the cracked iPhone screen ASAP. Because it causes the further damage.

iPhone 3G glass damage Symptoms: 

Shattered glass

Spider web cracks in glass

Pieces of glass missing

Have you unexpectedly dropped the glass on your iPhone 3G? No worries, it happens to the best of us. Luckily, you're in the right place! We can start and finish an iPhone 3G repair for screen damage in 10 minutes. Our professional iPhone repair technicians have repaired thousands of broken Apple screens, so rest easy knowing that your iPhone 3G screen will be in good hands with us. It will be as good as new when you get it back. 

With this repair we will replace the entire front glass piece of your iPhone 3G with new high quality glass. We use the same exact glass that Apple uses in their factory when building your iPhone. So your iPhone 3G glass will look brand new once we fix it. We are also one of the few companies that uses the same single layer adhesive that Apple uses when apply the glass to your iPhone. 

Make sure you are using original Apple glass or your screen may seem jumpy and not respond to touch as accurately as it previously did.

We, at iPhoneSpecialist Sydney, offer the fastest and the most reliable iPhone 4 repair services, with iPhone 3G shattered glass repair being our major specialty. We have repaired thousands of broken screen iPhones for clients from across the country till date. We have a rich experience of over 10 years in mobile repair and can guarantee 100% satisfaction on our iPhone 3G repair services

So, just bring it on before it gets worse and we shall fix it for you! If we couldn’t fix it, you need not to pay us a cent!

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