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Convert Black iPhone 4 to White Housing with Black Accents

Convert from Black iPhone 4 to White iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Audio Jack Repair

iPhone 4 Back Glass Replacement-Black

iPhone 4 Back Glass Replacement-Black (No Frame)

iPhone 4 Back Glass Replacement-White

iPhone 4 Back Glass Replacement-White (No Frame)

iPhone 4 Battery Replacement

iphone repair part - 4 Battery Repair - iphone repair sydney specialist The life and performance of the iPhone 4 battery tends to diminish gradually with time. This usually happens due to overcharging of the battery. If, when your iPhone 4 is plugged in for charging, the Apple logo on the screen begins to loop or fade in and out continuously, or if your iPhone4 battery empties out after every 1-2 hour, it is high time to get the battery replaced. As iPhone 4 is highly sophisticated.... read more.... |Top|

iPhone 4 Broken Glass & LCD Repair

iphone repair part - 4 Broken Glass & LCD Repair - iphone repair sydney specialist The iPhone 4 Glass and LCD screen is very fragile and highly prone to breakage on slightest impact against a hard surface. Any crack in the screen can cause the dust to enter into the iPhone and damage its internal circuitry. As the iPhone 4 has an incredibly sophisticated design, it is not possible to repair the broken glass screen at .... read more.... |Top|

iPhone 4 Broken Glass Repair

iPhone 4 Broken LCD Repair

iPhone 4 Complete Refurbishment-Black

iPhone 4 Complete Refurbishment-Black (No Frame)

iPhone 4 Home Button Repair

If this home button gets stuck, damaged, or stops functioning normally, you will be certainly not be able to use most of the apps and features available on your iPhone. In some cases, people also complain of a missing home button. If something like this happens with your iPhone, you can get the home button repaired or replaced with a new one at the earliest.  ...... read more..... |Top|

iPhone 4 USB Port Repair

iPhone 4 Vibrate Repair

iPhone 4 Volume Repair

Since the launch of iPhone 4, many of its users have been facing serious problems with its volume buttons. While some iPhone 4 users are complaining about reversed volume buttons, few others are finding it difficult to turn the iPhone volume up and down. In many other cases, the volume button just gets stuck and .... read more.... |Top|

iPhone 4 Water Damage Repair

iPhone Repairs 4 parts

 You got a broken iPhone 4, right? This is the right time, you can get Colourful iPhone 4 such as Red, Pink, Yellow, Transparent, and Green. No Extra Cost. Why Pay more for Conversion service!

 No More Black & White : True Colour Swapping iPhone 4 (Red, Pink, Green & more)

 It's not a sticker nor case. True Colour swapping RRP $279.00 Call 8003 5876 Now, Get it done 
(Pink, Red, Green, Yellow, Transparent, White)
 Colour Glass Back Cover for iPhone 4 :  ( Gold, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow, Blue) - Within 10 Mins DONE..
 Colour Metal-Look Back Cover for iPhone 4 :  ( Sliver, Red, Purple, Pink, Lime, Gold, Blue, Black) - Within 10 Mins DONE..
Currently it's only available at Hurstville Repair Centre. Call 8003 5876, 04 50 50 5876 
It's Limited Edition so Hurry Up!! This service is only Available Until Stocks last