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iPhone 4 Battery Replacement

The life and performance of the iPhone 4 battery tends to diminish gradually with time. This usually happens due to overcharging of the battery. If, when your iPhone 4 is plugged in for charging, the Apple logo on the screen begins to loop or fade in and out continuously, or if your iPhone4 battery empties out after every 1-2 hour, it is high time to get the battery replaced. As iPhone 4 is highly sophisticated, it is not advisable to try battery replacement at home using an iPhone repair kit available in the market.

Our experts at iPhoneSpecialist Sydney have over 10 years of experience in repairing mobiles and can do the iPhone 4 battery replacement and installation for you with a same or next day repair guarantee. Usually, a lithium-ion polymer battery of 1420 mAh is used for replacement. This titanium-free robust battery is almost similar to the original iPhone4 battery in performance. 

We offer a yearlong warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee on our iPhone 4 battery replacement services.