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iPhone 4 Volume Repair

Since the launch of iPhone 4, many of its users have been facing serious problems with its volume buttons. While some iPhone 4 users are complaining about reversed volume buttons, few others are finding it difficult to turn the iPhone volume up and down. In many other cases, the volume button just gets stuck and become non-functional. If you too are facing one of these problems in your iPhone 4, you need not spend an unreasonably high amount in getting the repair done at an Apple Store. Just take it to your local iPhoneSpecialist Sydney centre for the fastest, high quality volume repair by expert iPhone technicians, having more than 10 years of experience in handling similar cases. 

The side volume keys of your iPhone 4 are highly susceptible to potential damage. In case they get break or get stuck, we replace them with excellent, original, premium quality volume buttons and mute switches. Our certified iPhone technicians can also easily fix the reverse button problem for you. So, if the volume buttons of your iPhone 4 refuse to function normally, just bring it on and let us fix the problem. We, at iPhone repairs Specialist Sydney, specialize in iPhone 4 repair and can fix anything that others can’t. 

We guarantee 100% satisfaction. You need not pay a single penny to us if we fail to fix it for you!