iPhone Repair Specialists New Look, New Service, New Price

iPhoneSpecialist.com.au has been offering the Best Of Best iPhone Repairing Service in Australia 
and thousands of broken/damaged/crashed iPhones have been rescued continuously.

We do our best not only repairing iPhones but also tuning iPhones.
Did you know? We - iPhoneSpecialist.com.au - were the FIRST SERVICE PROVIDER of 'White iPhone 4 Conversion Service' in Australia, furthermore 'True White iPhone 3G/3Gs Conversion Service' was launched at first.
Now you can see many copy cats in Sydney followed by iPhoneSpecialist.com.au  
(*. Coming up Very soon - New Awesome Services for iPhone which any copy cat CAN NOT COPY. )

We are not here simply to change the iPhone parts, 
We are here to solve YOUR problems & trouble regarding your iPhone
and make you easily outstanding in the crowds.

In terms of upgrading 'Service for iPhone', we recently renewed our uniform - as below.   

Now you can meet a Genuine iPhone Specialist who is wearing 'Pastel-Green-T-shirt' with 'Service For iPhone' mark @ store.

And Find out 

How We Look like

How Much Our Service is Higher

How Much the Fee is Lower.