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Apple integrates Facebook into iPhone.

posted Jun 11, 2012, 4:34 PM by Unknown user

Fresh off an unsatisfying initial offering, is acquiring a huge improvement from Apple, which is building the social network deep into its apple iphone as well as iPad software application.

With the coming model of Apple's computer software, people may be able to improvement their standing by talking to their phones.
Apple integrates Facebook into iPhone

Users will additionally be able to "Like" films as well as applications in Apple's iTunes shop, Apple manager Scott Forstall stated in San Francisco at Apple's yearly programmers' meeting.

Siri, Apple's voice-command application, might add a host of new languages, incorporating Spanish, Korean and also Mandarin Chinese, Forstall pointed out. "She" might additionally be able to launch applications as well as films. She will also operate on iPads for the first time.

Apple says the brand-new software application, iOS 6, will certainly launch later this year. It updates the software program on a yearly basis, normally coinciding with the release of a new apple iphone.

Even as Apple lends Facebook a hand, it's ripping off one of its links to Yahoo, which makes a rival suite of software application for smartphones.

IOS 6 might use Apple's personal Guides applications instead of Yahoo's.

The application will include traffic reports and turn-by-turn navigation.

Apple even pointed out the brand-new type of its Apple pc operating system, Mountain Lion, will definitely go on purchase following four week period.

The update provides features from Apple's phone as well as capsule software, like the iMessage texting application, to the Apple pc.

Microsoft, Apple competitor's when it relates to laptop software, is additionally making Windows more like its phone software program, with the release of Windows 8 later this year.

Mountain Lion will certainly additionally provide dictation to Macs. People will have the ability to input text by consulting with the computer, in any type of program. This is already a function of Microsoft's rivaling Windows software.

On the devices side, Apple showed off a laptop with a super-high resolution "Retina" display, setting up a brand-new standard for display intensity.

The brand-new MacBook Pro will certainly have a 15-inch screen and 4 times the resolution of previous designs, Apple manager Phil Schiller said.

Apple currently uses Retina displays - with specific pixels too small to be identified by the naked eye - in its most up-to-date apples iphone and iPads.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Officially Released, How about Australia ? iPhone 5 will be faster than Galaxy S3

posted May 29, 2012, 1:11 AM by Unknown user   [ updated May 29, 2012, 1:15 AM ]

Camera duties are taken up by 8MP primary and 1.9MP front-facing models with flash, overall a similar setup to its predecessor. 1GB of LPDDR2 memory,  a near-field communications (NFC) chip, 16-64GB of internal memory (with MicroSD slot) and a gorgeous 4.8” Super-AMOLED 1280x720 display (with a 'retina' pixel density) round out the basic specs. These are all packed into a footprint and weight slightly greater than the Galaxy S2, but without its characteristic 'bulge' for the camera; leaving the S3 a flat 137mm x 71mm x 8.6mm and weighing 133g. On the software side the S3 runs Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and features…

The GALAXY S III features 'S Voice,' the advanced natural language user interface, to listen and respond to your words. In addition to allowing information search and basic device-user communication, S Voice presents powerful functions in regards to device control and commands. When your phone alarm goes off but you need a little extra rest, just tell the GALAXY S III "snooze." You can also use S Voice to play your favorite songs, turn the volume up or down, send text messages and emails, organize your schedules, or automatically launch the camera and capture a photo.” – Samsung Press Release

GALAXY S III Official TV Commercial

UNPACKED 2012 Highlights from London, May 3

all the major carriers OptusTelstraVirgin Australia and Vodafone Australia all have generic pages for users to register for the upcoming Samsung release. Meanwhile across the Tasman, Telecom NZ and Vodafone NZ are being much more explicit.Telecom NZ mentions the S3 will be "coming soon" while the rival carrier Vodafone NZ has its site showing the count-down timer below and is offering a sub-orbit flight contest to buyers.

When do you reckon it's coming to Australia? How about iPhone 5 ? 

Is Apple missing "the right time" on the market ? 

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iPhone 5 Release Date in Australia - very soon - iPhone Repair Sydney Specialist

posted May 26, 2012, 6:40 AM by Unknown user   [ updated May 26, 2012, 6:46 AM ]

As iPhone 5 has not been release in USA, it is hard to predict iPhone 5 release date in Australia. However considering the previous trend, Australians can expect iPhone 5 by a month to two months delay. That means if iPhone 5 will release in US in September then, Australian iPhone followers can expect it in October or November. Of course we might be wrong. Keeping the figures crossed for now.
 Update (03-Feb2012):Daiwa analysts confirmed that Apple is to unveil the next generation iPhone in June at its next Worldwide Developers Conference at San Francisco.  
iPhone 5 Release Date in Australia

Update (31-August):Report suggests that Apple’s next iPhone 5 nears while rumors are already circulating that Apple is expected to unveil a new smartphone later this year, around October.

As Apple is to launch its new iOS platform very soon, it’s possible the iOS 5 could arrive first, then the release date of the iPhone 5 should follow suit.

Update (28-July-2011) : Countless rumors have been spreading across the web about iPhone 5 release date in Australia. But today there is something concrete update on iPhone 5 release date. Today so many sources on the web has published news that iPhone 5 is going to launch on 5th September, and Apple is going to launch iPhone 5 on 5 October worldwide.

iPhone 5 Release Date Rumors and News: OmniVision and Skyworks Benefiting from Apple iOS 6 Smartphone

The iPhone 5 release date doesn't just have the Apple community on edge. A recent report suggests fans of the new iPhone are not the only ones who will be ecstatic about the iOS 6 handset launch. It looks like OmniVision Technologies and Skyworks Solutions will benefit from the 6th generation Apple smartphone launch as well.

A recent article says Semiconductor stocks have had impressive gains as mobile devices continue to become more popular. "The industry has shifted from one focused on personal computers to one dominated by smartphones," the article reads. So what does this mean for the iPhone 5 release date, OmniVision, and Skyworks?

A total of 655 million smartphone units are expected to be sold globally in 2012. This is more than double the units sold in 2010, while the sales of personal computers only grew about five-percent in the same timeframe. That said, companies who've been able to adapt, and angle their business toward the smartphone market have outlived those who stuck solely with working on technologies for PC's.

If Apple is manufacturing a new iPhone model, it would mean a large order is being sent to chip suppliers, which would surely be a welcome boost to their overhead.

Piper Jaffray analyst, Gene Munster says his company believes the next Apple handset "will represent the biggest consumer-electronics product launch of 2012 as well as the biggest device-upgrade cycle in smartphone history."

If these analyst reports are correct then OmniVision Technologies and Skyworks Solutions will want to stay on Apple's good side. That way the two companies can reap benefits from manufacturing components for the iOS 6 gadget.

Are you waiting for the iPhone 5 release date? What are your thoughts on the worldwide increase in smartphone sales since 2010? Do you think more companies need to adapt to smartphones and move away from PC's?

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posted Oct 1, 2011, 6:54 PM by Unknown user


Is this the design for the upcoming iPhone 5? Probably. Maybe. Only Apple knows for sure if the iPhone they’re going to announce next week during their press event will look like this prototype.

We currently believe that the iPhone 5 will be thinner than the current generation, it’ll also come with a larger 4 inch display. That being said, the biggest obvious change will be the teardrop design, which already made some news in the past months.


iPhone 5: This is our Design-Prototype [ENG Subtitles]

Based on CAD designs, hardware components, several leaked hints, cases and recent, believable mockups we created a three-dimensional computer model. This virtual model was then used to build a very detailed, true prototype that you can hold in your own two hands.

The process to create this prototype is the same that’s used to create the iPad. The back was machined from a sold block of aluminium, which was later treated with glass pearls to get the same slightly rough touch that we already know from the iPad.

This prototype is only 59.94 mm wider than the current iPhone 4, but with a height of 109.98 mm it’s also just a bit thinner than its predecessor.

We already talked about the teardrop design. We took a really close look at the most recent leaks to gather as much information as possible on how the upcoming iPhone might look like from the side. You can clearly see the teardrop style, with a thickness of 6.86 mm at the top and only 5.33 mm at the bottom.

(In comparison to Samsung Galaxy S II)

Even though our prototype is a bit wider than the iPhone 4 (59.94 mm vs 58.6 mm) the design, in combination with the larger 4 inch touchscreen makes it more compact and easier to handle.

Thanks to the rounded design it also feels much nicer while holding it in your hand. Compared with an iPhone 5, the old phone even looks and feels a little chunky.

You can find the original article with more photo here.  http://goo.gl/mO9J6

iPhone 5 Concept Features

posted Oct 1, 2011, 4:10 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 1, 2011, 4:13 PM ]

Amazing Concept iPhone 5. This CG iPhone 5 has advanced iPhone features such as a sleeker iPhone design, a laser keyboard & holographic display all rolled into this iPhone 5 video. 
The computer generated Concept iPhone 5 features is an exponential leap to the iPhone 4 or iPhone 3gs of today.

We hope you enjoy this iPhone 5 video more than the current trend of iPhone 5 rumors such as iPhone 5 leaked and iPhone 5 unboxing videos. Apple is yet to make the iPhone 5 announcement. So have your fill of this new iPhone video before the iPhone 5 release. 

iPhone 5 Concept Features

Australian's countdown as iPhone 5 is finally revealed

posted Oct 1, 2011, 4:02 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 1, 2011, 4:06 PM ]

ONE of the most anticipated gadgets will not be revealed until mid next week, but carriers are already accepting registrations for Apple's iPhone5. 

Though little has been confirmed about the new iPhone, industry analysts are predicting "unprecedented demand" and even "hysteria" for the first new Apple handset in 18 months.

Strongest iPhone5 rumours include that it features a slimmer metal body, a bigger screen, an 8-megapixel camera, and breakthrough technology to allow wireless charging and a chip for making credit-card payments.

All will be revealed at Apple's launch at its San Francisco headquarters, to be delivered by new chief executive Tim Cook on Wednesday morning.

Telsyte research director Foad Fadaghi said the new iPhone could reset the smartphone system.

Australian mobile-phone carriers this week began accepting pre-registrations for the new iPhone. Telsyte predicts Apple will sell 42 per cent of all smartphones in Australia this year.

Ovum analyst Tim Renowden said its dominance was particular to Australia.

"Australia is a bit of a strange market in that the iPhone is probably more popular here than in other market around the world," he said.

The iPhone 5 may appear in stores immediately upon its release. It is heavily tipped to feature a dual-core processor, as in the iPad2, a Sony camera, a special wireless charging dock and a Qualcomm near-field communications chip for card payments, something now available at some IGA, 7-Eleven and Woolworths stores.

Mr Fadaghi also predicted a new form for the iPhone5.

He said it needed to address anxieties about iPhone4's "fragility" and antenna problems, and have the latest voice recognition.

There was an outside chance of support for faster phone networks, such as Telstra's 4G.

"There's also a trend towards bigger screen sizes, which I don't think Apple can ignore," he said.

 Apple's new iPhone will face plenty of competition. Google plans to launch a smartphone with new software on October 12, Nokia will launch its first button-free touchscreen phone, the N9, this month.

Optus recently cut the price of the 10 million-selling Samsung Galaxy S II.

iPhone 5 screen protector exposures iPhone 5 Body design - iPhone 5 repairs Sydney Specialist.

posted Sep 16, 2011, 5:27 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Sep 16, 2011, 5:40 AM ]

Recent news about the next generation iPhone 5 is a bit more, because the new iPhone 5 release at any time in a few weeks, but the new machine looks exactly how? IPhone 4 did not like to make big changes like? Or a new design? Has been also controversial. Unwire.hk (http://twal.kr/pxdFJ4) recently received is probably the next generation of the iPhone 5 screen protector, now let's see.
 iPhone 5 screen protector body design that exposure?

Compared with the iPhone 4, showing the new "mystery of the iPhone" protector, front than in the past a large section of the machine, see "Mystery of the machine" with a larger body, as will the big screen, temporarily do not see , but great.
iPhone 5 screen protector exposures iPhone 5 Body design - iPhone 5 repairs Sydney Specialist.

From the top position of the hole than the fuselage, showing the location of the lens and speaker and the distance-top than the iPhone 4 close, which represents the set-top frame narrowed to accommodate the larger screen, or to move the location of these devices a? Conceivable without it being a.
iPhone 5 screen protector exposures iPhone 5 Body design - iPhone 5 repairs Sydney Specialist.

The machine at the end of the original Home button hole location from circular to rounded rectangle, this design is representative of a new "mystery of the machine," the Home key with a new design?
iPhone 5 screen protector exposures iPhone 5 Body design - iPhone 5 repairs Sydney Specialist.

Summary: iPhone 5? fifth-generation iPod Touch?
Received the protector of this, many people naturally think of the iPhone 5 is used, even Unwire.hk sources said, is really a great opportunity for Citie on iPhone 5. But then again, I believe that rumors of the use of larger screen Citie used to add 3G connectivity and thinner body of the iPod Touch fifth generation, is not surprising. Is this "mystery of the paste" is used in iPhone 5 or fifth-generation iPod Touch? Apple press conference on the left to be released again when the bar!

Apple iPhone 5 Release Date - October ?

posted Aug 25, 2011, 1:13 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Aug 25, 2011, 6:08 PM ]

Apple to release 2 new variations of the iPhone in China by October
The iPhone was launched by Apple in 2007, and has single handily revolutionized the entire smartphone industry. With over one hundred ten million models of iPhone’s offered worldwide including areas such as Europe, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand only listing a few. One Main market Apple failed to offer powerful competition within the smartphone trade is China. However, prior to now year since Apple released the iPhone and iPad, gross sales from the area has grown by nearly 600%.

Experiences from Wall Street Journal, have suggested Apple plans to release 2 variations of the iPhone in China, the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4s by October. This means the iPhone might be also be released in Australia by October.  That is inline with reviews from the WSJ which you'll be able to view here.

China operates by itself 3G requirements, referred to as the ‘TD-SCDMA’ which was not compatible with generic fashions of the iPhone. Nevertheless, the iPhone 3GS and four had been out there in China from two carriers; China Unicorn and China Telecom. They were specially modified to be compatible with the Chinese network. China Unicorn and China Telecom, have a mixed market share of 30% of the 850 million mobile users.

With the release of the 4G community in China, this has opened the doorways for Apple who has has been reportedly negotiating a take care of China Telecom for the discharge of the brand new iPhone 5. Studies from Digitimes, have suggested a deal is imminent and could possibly be finalised throughout the next few weeks. This might potentially allow Apple to target the 600 million subscribers of China Telecom.

In line with Brian White of Ticonderoga Securities, the other iPhone 4s, can be a cheaper version, particularly targeting the other 30% of the Chinese market. The cheaper model would possess a slight upgrade from the present iPhone 4. This is able to allow Apple to have close to 100% penetration of the Chinese telecommunication market. Offered there are 2 versions of the iPhone being released, analysts from Goldman Saches and JP Morgan have estimated it will generate US$70 - 200 billion in short term income for Apple.

The Apple-China Telecom partnership will also profit China Telecom. Analyst from HSBC has instructed the discharge of the iPhone 5 would increase the company’s smartphone market share from 32% to 52%. The anticipated revenue the iPhone release would deliver China Telecom is in extra of $30 billion.

In Australia, we must be looking ahead to a single version of the iPhone because the Australia telecommunications network is globally compatible.  Nonetheless, it might not be stunning to see iphone fanatics attempt to make the opposite iphone models suitable with the Australian network.

iPhone 4 Accessories Special -Zenus HERB GARDEN fragrance film

posted Jul 30, 2011, 6:25 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 30, 2011, 6:41 AM ]

Zenus HERB GARDEN fragrance film

Finally the author to introduce a special iPhone 4 mobile phone film, protective film from the surface to see this film and the film back from the screen of two parts, and the location of the back and bottom of the screen protective film is designed as non-transparent style, and general protective film is not much difference. But it special is the sense of smell can bring you a feast.

Zenus HERB GARDEN picture

iPhone 4 Accessories Special -Zenus HERB GARDEN fragrance film

As for why that is the sense of smell feast, because the film hidden in the smell of compressed particles distributed in the paste of the bar area where the Home button and the entire film back, gently wipe the location of hidden flavor particles, protective film can emit a light fragrance.

Zenus HERB GARDEN picture

iPhone 4 Accessories Special -Zenus HERB GARDEN fragrance film

It is worth mentioning that this protective film a total of rosemary, jasmine, lemon, mint and lavender five kinds of flavor to satisfy different user preferences. I believe we still concerned about the durability of fragrance, this fragrance Zenus HERB GARDEN film can be maintained for six months.


Now digital products and accessories are more particularly toward the direction of development, and Apple as a fashion leader in digital products, natural drive the entire industry trends, which make a lot of peripheral products with Apple's iPhone 4 come from behind, this article I recommend for everyone the perfect combination of a variety of sorted iPhone 4 accessories, and mobile phase with the benefit chapter is sure to shine your iPhone 4.

iPhone 4 Accessories Special -id America's Cush foam pad sticker

posted Jul 30, 2011, 6:16 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 30, 2011, 6:41 AM ]

id America's Cush foam pad sticker

Too protective cover was not any too old-fashioned features, but do not want to phone by physical pain. Then use a sticker is a good solution today, I came to introduce a new and interesting and useful stickers - id America's Cushi. Compared with those traditional flat sticker, this product is used as a pattern of soft foam pad surface, which can absorb more impact, while the protruding pattern can also play a non-slip effect.

id America's Cush foam pad sticker

iPhone 4 Accessories Special -id America's Cush foam pad sticker

id America's Cush foam pad attached to the phone back label only, so no protection for the frame. But this is my friends do not worry, because it is compatible with both Bumpers or other protective frame, so that you can play on the iPhone 4 full protection.

id America's Cush foam pad sticker

iPhone 4 Accessories Special -id America's Cush foam pad sticker

id America's Cush foam pad stickers in three different designs, each has a U.S. town flavor. In addition, it comes with 6 Home key stickers have different characteristics, I believe that paste on to your iPhone 4 will make it more stylish.

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