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Conjecture III: Support NFC Near Field Communication (possibility degree: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★)
 As we all know, Apple has a great secret of success lies in innovation, particularly in the use of technology is more like to add your own ideas, just as video calls can be made of Face Time which is unusual as well, so despite the NFC technology and not a fashion feature, but Apple obviously do not want their phone to the future of this function is only to follow suit to make, so the availability of common features such as electronic wallets in addition, Apple is also preparing for the NFC to add remote data synchronization.

iPhone 5 the NFC mobile wallet application feature is not limited to.

  Such as the Apple iPhone 5 of the MAC NFC allows users to read from the phone load applications, settings and data, so users can Kuaisuzhuanyi between computers in different working environment, such as a user can operate on their phones computers, When the user leaves, iPhone is out of range after range of NFC connection, the computer host is returned to its original state, and will not be used to record and preserve user data and passwords and other information. In other words, the future of Apple iPhone5 OSX can carry the required data and information to NFC ways to communicate with the Mac connected to the computer can be used in OSX user authentication, the key to making iPhone5 a Mac (including browser bookmarks, users preferences, passwords, contacts, etc.) or provide other further use.

NFC technology has already achieved in foreign

  Of course, the NFC technology functions and differences in the past is the past, the electronic wallet application of the class need to NFC operators, especially in the use of applications involving cost carriers need to pay tariff mechanism, and the Apple functional characteristics in the NFC and in iPhone 4 somewhat similar to the Face Time, the core of a telecom operator jumped off entirely iPhone OS, app integration between, especially in connection with Mac computers and data synchronization more users the convenience.

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