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Conjecture of four: the appearance of little change (possibility degree: ★ ★ ★ ★)
   Apple's product design has always been praised, so the new generation iPhone in appearance, naturally there will be changes in how the human attention. But now look at some of the information leaked, Apple iPhone 5 in appearance than in the past will not be much change. However, the appearance of the so-called Apple iPhone 5 changed little, in fact, according to two levels of meaning can be understood. First, as originally evolved iPhone3GS iPhone3G so little in appearance to change the basic style, only through the improvement and upgrading the kernel to reflect the characteristics of the upgraded version.
The picture shows the design concept iPhone5

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  The other possibility is that the overall style of the retention iPhone4, premised on the phone and changes the local details modification, such as a thinner body and using the new coating shell and so on. Such as in the past from a production of special materials manufacturers broke the news, Apple iPhone 5 will use the new materials N coating shell, which features a scratch-wear effects.
  More Zhidezhuyi that, according to a report of foreign technology website BGR, the only next-generation iPhone 5 above, "Home" button will also be canceled, replaced by a multi-touch gestures, and also news that Apple employees have This is no Home button to begin testing the iPhone and iPad device.

iPhone 4 and the difference in appearance between the iPhone 5 may not be obvious

  Although we can not confirm the cancellation of the iPhone5 home button how to use gestures back to the main screen, but because of the latest iOS 4.3 has been added multi-touch gestures, and internal quotation based on DVICE display, iPhone 5 will be equipped with more large screen, up from 3.5 inches to 3.7 inches, so little change in the dimensions of the premise, by eliminating the home key way to accommodate the larger touch screen, it is clear what is reasonable.
  In addition, the new generation iPhone for Apple iPhone 4 antenna to improve often-criticized almost no suspense, after the release of the CDMA version of iPhone 4 on this change we have seen.

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