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Conjecture of the VIII: Apple map navigation (probably Degree: ★ ★ ★)
  Since first published in 2007 since the iPhone, Apple iOS system default Maps application has been using Google's graphics software. Apple, Google has become the most powerful in the smart phone competitors. Therefore, Apple minimize dependence on Google services, it seems logical. In the last year and the year before, Apple bought PlaceBase this were known as the Google Maps map of the main rival of the electronics companies, and mapping software company Poly9, and when the end of last year, Apple Jobs site also revealed, Apple iOS team will employ four or more experience with navigation software developers. Including the search for more than three years developing a powerful high-quality software systems experienced staff, and has extensive knowledge of computational geometry graph theory or the person will be preferred.

Apple acquired the software company Poly9 map

  Clearly, Apple is very easy to produce this joint Pina's daydreams, plus Apple has for the iPad the iOS 3.2 Caozuoxitong Skyhook and Google to give up the position of dependence on information and support to use their own database. Therefore, in the printing of it, this may mean that Apple will in the future iPhone 5 iOS new generation of devices developed using their own map services.

The war between Apple and Google will be further upgraded in the future.

  In addition, although Apple's main partner AT & T preparing to launch in 2011, the real 4G LTE service, and large-scale import 4G terminals, but because Apple iPhone 5 is used in network design dual-mode dual-network, so 4G networks are expected in the future are less likely to support.


  Although people are aware of the Winning Apple iPhone is an excellent user experience, rather than a simple hardware upgrade, but in the face of aggressive attack Android system, as well as their market share in the smart phone on the loss of natural still need a substantial overall upgrade in order to maintain their own "has been imitated, never to be beyond" the leading position. Leaked in advance only because iPhone4 lessons more work to Apple cautious in confidence that the current rumors of functional specifications of various iPhone5 rumors and speculation are all nature, and its authenticity has to be further confirmed.
IPhone users design a new generation of PS.

  Nevertheless, the rapid development of smart phones need to actively deal with Apple, especially in the "dual-core era," the dawn of a new generation of iPhone hardware and software must also have a greater breakthrough in order to continue to lead the trend. Therefore, from this perspective, such as the use of the iPhone 5 new features such as dual-core processor specifications although unconfirmed, but in fact is already a trend dictates. Thus, officially released in June this year, a new generation of iPhone will be more lethal as there is no suspense.

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