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Advancement of technology, the pace of fashion people will never stop. Before people can look forward to the advantages of different rolled products only at the concept stage, and now the fish and eat it is not difficult. Not stop the pace of the times, more and more stylish digital products have been developed, but people are constantly chasing slim digital products. Apple's iPhone 4 as the most one wave of smart phones, like the majority of users, which also contributed to the development of products around the iPhone 4. Take the protective cover is concerned, can be done now has 0.35 mm thickness, it is amazing. However, in the proliferation of electronic products and accessories in this fast-paced world has lost someone. Next, I would recommend for everyone several iPhone 4 accessories the tide, so that you do a fashion trend.

iPhone 4 Case Slice3

First I will introduce this accessory is called the world's thinnest iPhone 4 Case - Slice 3, the thickness of only 0.35 mm, wear after its existence can be ignored, here we have a closer look at this amazing condom bar.

iphone 4 accessories -iPhone 4 personalized accessories to pull the wind collecting the most external keyboard

Slice 3 Cover Picture details

Slice 3 is used in Japan to protect the unique sets of injection molding technology, which the thickness of 0.35 mm, weight is very light, to 3.5 grams, as mentioned above, it sets in your love machine on the iPhone 4, absolutely can ignore its existence. In addition, Slice 3 there are five different sets of protection jelly colors to choose from. Laudable is that this workmanship is very fine protective sleeve, it uses a unique die cutting technology in Japan, each interface is very accurate, will not prevent any external devices, including external headphones, stereo.
 iphone 4 accessories- iPhone 4 personalized accessories to pull the wind collecting the most external keyboard

Slice 3 Cover Picture details

Even the best work also need to have good raw materials, Slice 3 protective sleeve made of polypropylene from the import environmental protection, this material has high impact resistance, robust mechanical properties and a high degree of insulation, not on the iPhone 4 signal caused by the slightest impact.

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