Summer Holidays iPhone Care Tips part 1 of 10 - Water causes corrosion on iPhone seriously - iPhone water damage rescue team

posted Dec 4, 2010, 4:22 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 8, 2011, 4:53 AM ]
Recently Sydney weather is crazy. Weather forecast said during December there are not much sunny days. What?.. 
The bad thing was happened to my wife's iPhone 3GS. For a week, it's cloudy and raining in Sydney and the bedroom is under high moisture. Yesterday, she tried to recharge her iPhone 3gs but she couldn't do that. Why? 
Check this out. 
OMG! Can you see these? 
we realized iPhone Sync cable and connector got serious corrosion
( Can you see the blue color things inside connector? ) 

Can you believe this ? 

Even if she hasn't dropped her iPhone under water nor spilled liquid on it, iPhone got the corrosion. 

Therefore this kind of extreme weather you need to take care of your iPhone seriously. 
This is another example of iPhone Logic Board Corrosion
iPhone is very tiny device and complicated. Once some liquid ( water, sea water, coke, coffee etc ) gets in, it will cause serious damage. Yes, Water causes corrosion on the major parts of the logic board, and over time (or right away, depending on how much water you spill on your phone) will cause it to act funny, or as many of you already know, not work at all. 

Luckily, iPhone Water Damage Rescue Team will take care of your wet iPhone perfectly. Under special repairing environment, we can rescue your wet iPhone with special skills & tools. Currently we got the highest percentage of rescuing iPhone rate in Australia. (Proven by Google)

However, iPhone Specialists strongly recommend iPhone users
1. Preventing is better than curing. so please try to put your iPhone ( and accessories ) under dry condition. 
2. Once water damage happens to your iPhone, don't put your wet iPhone inside rice bag
( this is the most common mistake the public make. 
The longer you keep your wet iPhone, The harder we can rescue it. )
Contact the nearest iPhone repairer ASAP 
( According to the record, maximum 24hrs is fine.
It means after 1~2days later, it's really hard to rescue your iPhone. ) 

If you are not sure What Corrosion is, This is the common corrosion we can see around. 
This could be happening inside your wet iPhone within 24hrs.....

Contact Water Damage iPhone Rescue Team 02 8003 5882 Right Now.

The sooner You take action, The easier to rescue your wet iPhone.