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    3 Nov 2011 – RADIOACTIVE waste will be treated and stored at a Lidcombe depot ...Morning of Oct 31: State government declares no radioactive waste will 

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    3 Nov 2011 – I do not oppose the waste's storage in Lidcombe. Of course many probably would but this is usually a knee jerk reaction to the idea of nuclear ...

  3. Lidcombe announced as second dumping ground - NSW Labor ...

    31 Oct 2011 – “Barry O'Farrell is dumping the north shore's radioactive waste in the centre of western Sydney," NSW Opposition Leader, John Robertson said 

  4. Radioactive waste should be sent offshore: NSW opposition

    1 Nov 2011 – Radioactive waste from the north shore should be sent offshore andnot trucked to western Sydney, NSW Opposition Leader John Robertson

  5. O'Farrell using Lidcombe as dump, says ALP

    31 Oct 2011 – "What we're doing is ensuring that radioactive waste does not go to... John Robertson said the decision to dump the waste in Lidcombe was a ...

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    14 Dec 2011 – It seems the good people of Lidcombe are worth a lot less than the ...and workers had no idea they were next door to a nuclear waste facility, ...

  8. Hunters Hill Radioactive Waste - 25/11/2011 - NSW Parliament

    25 Nov 2011 – There is no evidence that the Lidcombe facility is capable of handling this type and volume of radioactive waste and there is no information ...

Regents Park meeting says, “No Nuclear waste in our suburbs”

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Battler supporters attended a No Nuclear waste meeting at Regents Park community centre on Friday 16th December.

The meeting organised by Greens Councillor – Malikeh Michels heard from Dr Gavin Mudd, from Monash University and an expert in the removal of Nuclear waste.

In response to questions, Dr Mudd told the meeting that Lidcombe was not an appropriate facility for the storage of Nuclear Waste.

He said that Sydney had only one facility that was purpose built to handle this type of waste and that was the ANSTO facility at Lucas Heights.

He also told the meeting that the type of contaminated waste at Hunters Hill became more dangerous when it was disturbed and moved.

Barbara Perry told the meeting that she had raised the issue of no radioactive waste in Lidcombe in Parliament and that there is a good response from local residents to a petition she had mailed out. Barbara said she was aiming to collect 10,000 signatures and had a dream of filling Macquarie Street, in front of Parliament House with local protesters while they presented the petitions to Premier O’Farrell.

Tony from the Battler spoke about residents in the Auburn Local Government area bearing an unfair burden with waste industries, collex on Parramatta Rd at Clyde, the liquid waste facility on Hill Rd, the medical waste incinerator at Silverwater and now nuclear waste in Lidcombe, this was adding insult to injury for residents.

Sylvia and Maria from SNAG, spoke about their efforts to organise a local rally for mid-February to oppose the Nuclear waste.

Battler supporters at the meeting said that we needed maximum unity of all local groups, we need to cooperate and co-ordinate our activities if we want to have maximum impact in our campaign to stop nuclear waste coming to Lidcombe.

The Battler is pledged to support Barbara’s petition and promote the rally in mid-February. If the Regents Park meeting had been organised jointly we could have had 400 people instead of 45.

Nuclear Madness

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The NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell has decided that radioactive waste from the old Hunters Hill uranium smelter will be tested by the Australian Nuclear Science Technology Organisation. Any of it that is found to be hazardous will be sent to Lidcombe to be stored at the Office of Environment and Heritage facility at 480 Weeroona Road, Lidcombe. Any waste that is safe will be sent to a waste facility at Penrith.


We just want to make this clear – radioactive waste that nuclear scientists consider dangerous will be sent to Lidcombe and be stored in the middle of our densely populated suburb.


The new Liberal Government isn’t even a year old and already it is sticking the knife into our community. What is awful is the utter contempt O’Farrell and his ministers must have for the people who live in and depend on our area. Would they force the people in Vaucluse or Rose Bay or Kirribilli to take dangerous nuclear waste and store it in their suburbs. Of course they wouldn’t, these people are wealthy and there’s nothing a Liberal politician respects more than posh folk with lots of money.


What this Government is trying to do to us is frankly hard to believe, if it was a drama on TV critics would rubbish it for being too farfetched. But it isn’t a shonky TV drama; it is really being planned and unless we do something this Government is going to impose a nuclear waste dump in the middle of our suburbs. A first step will be to support the petition started by local member Barbara Perry. Battler supporters will over the next few weeks start collecting signatures in the local shopping centres.


If you can help us please contact us on 0451 635 924 or by e-mail tolocalbattler@live.com.au.


We also need to involve as many people as possible in this campaign. A local Media Student – Jaideep – has started a facebook campaign. Already the page has hundreds of ‘likes’. Let’s get behind this facebook page, it takes a second to click ‘like’ – but more importantly it is a place to leave comments and pass onto friends and relatives.


You can find the page at:



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