Urgent Quick iPhone Repair Service - Repair, Pick Up and Return within Short Period Of Time - iPhone Specialist Special Service

Brand New "URGENT QUICK iPhone Repair Service"

We found out some of iPhone users really need Super Quick iPhone Repair Service. Therefore we developed Brand New "URGENT QUICK iPhone Repair Service". Please Call 0402 260 878 & Say "URGENT".
and please use this awesome service if you really need it. If not, please give a chance to others.  
Proudly Brought by Mr. Flashman's 'INSTANT Delivery'

1. Definition: 

Within Sydney Metro Area, We can go to the customer's place and pick up the broken iPhone, repair it @ Lidcombe Main Store and Return the fixed iPhone to the customer. 
The total hours : "pick-up"~"repair"~"return" => between 1hr and 3hours.
*. This service is not the on-site iPhone Repair service.  

2. Who needs this service ? 

-. A person who is very busy & doing very important tasks so he or she cannot leave the place where he or she is. 
Call 0402260878 & Say "URGENT".
-. A person who needs iPhone 24hrs/7Days seamlessly
Call 0402260878 & Say "URGENT".
-. A person who has disability to move out
Call 0402260878 & Say "URGENT".

3. All iPhone repairs can be delivered via this service ? 

No. Water damage, Software Activation, Unlocking and Unknown Problem, some iPhone repairs which take longer time & require more attention are not suitable for this "Urgent Quick iPhone Repair Service". 
Please Call 0402260878 & Talk to One of Genuine iPhone Specialists. "Can I use ?"

4. How It works? 

-. Call 0402260878 & Say "URGENT". or Send SMS to 0402260878  with Your Name and Your Address. 
-. Confirm Your Problem, Location, contactable number & Free Quote. 
-. Mr. Flashman calls you near your location. 
-. Mr. Flashman picks up your broken iPhone with the service request form.
( it's handy if you print out this service request form - click here to download - before you meet Mr. Flashman. )
-. Mr. Flashman comes back to the main store in Lidcombe. 
-. If there is any issue, we will contact you. if not, the engineer repairs your iPhone. 
-. Mr. Flashman returns your fixed iPhone to you instantly. 
-. You make the payment after confirmation of repairing. 
-. You sign on the service request form as completed. 

5. Conditions

-. Time : Mon ~ Fri, 9:30 am ~ 1:30 pm ( in order to deliver this quickly )
-. Service Area: Sydney Metro Area Only ( Postcode 2000-2080, 2084-2158, 2160-2234, 2555-2567, 2742, 2745-2756, 2759-2770)
-. Very Obvious iPhone repairs are suitable for this service such as screen repair, glass repair, battery replacement. If you are not sure, please talk to one of Genuine iPhone Repair Specialists.  

6. Service Fee

-. Basically the iPhone repair service fee is applied. 
-. and Mr. Flashman's Instant Delivery fee is applied. Extra Charges are below. 
Zone 1 : $45.00 ( pick-up & return : total 1hr~2hrs ) 
             - Lidcombe, Homebush, Silverwater, Strathfield, Regents Park, Auburn, Granville, Newington. 
Zone 2 : $75.00 ( pick-up & return : total 1.5hr~3hrs ) 
             - Rest of Sydney Metro Area 

7. Who is Mr. Flashman? 

His delivery service is very secure & INSTANT. You will be amazed his service. 

8. What Are Customers talking about this service? 

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