We are iPhone Repairs Specialists because We are professional.

Small Details Make a Big Difference in iPhone Repairs.

Did you know Recently we got many unfixed iPhone 3g,3gs,4 ?

What's happening here? There are lots of private iPhone repairers (DIY Users) and come to the market and tell the public 'We can fix your broken iPhone at the lowest price as possible', and then they couldn't handle some issues. Finally they come to us for help. 

There are some points the public should notice. 

Please check the 1st picture on the left. 

Private repairers or DIY users made a serious mistake. They purchased very cheap poor quality iPhone parts on the Internet. and tried to fix it by themselves. 

-. They fixed it wrongly, and tried to match/put each part strongly. Finally each part doesn't work at all
-. Very small difference makes a huge difference. 0.1mm difference causes serious damage your iPhone. 

Another case study is here. Please look at the below picture carefully. 
At the 1st picture is the external outlook so people can notice the difference easily. but this 2nd picture is Totally Different story. Why? 

For instance, I'm a private iPhone Repairer i need to cut the cost in order to get more customers. 
So I purchased the very cheap iPhone parts. Because the public don't know much about iPhone Internal Structure. 
I can hide some internal damage/loss and cover the Case. 

The 2nd picture shows a very tiny part which helps a sim card tray to pop up when we push it. As you can see the cheap part doesn't have this module at all ( even no place to put ). Don't you think there is any possibility it could be hidden without notification ? 

We don't want to look down other iPhone repairers. The following picture shows the exact same battery from totally different iPhone users. Last week we got the several broken iPhones. The Funny thing was we found they came from the same iPhone repairers. The way of repairing skill / mark were same and there were obviously the same white color battery as well. What We want to say here is People couldn't get their iPhones fixed from other iPhone repairers. Final destination was iPhoneSpecialist.com.au. Our thought is 'If they come to us at first, everyone could be happy at the first place.' 

Did you know 

-. We don't use the cheap & poor quality part at all. 

-. We don't hide any faulty or mistake.

-. We do serve you with a professional manner. 

-. We are proven by Google Search Result - Google Ranking #1

-. We do repair ONLY iPhone. We are very specialized at iPhone Repairs

-. Small Details Make a Big Difference in iPhone Repairs.

If you care about your iPhone, Let us take care of your iPhone Perfectly like what we have done to thousands of customers already. 

P.S. Please don't take any risk to fix your iPhone. It's very tiny & complicated device which human made ever. 
We do it everyday & We do it as a long-term business not like a 'hit and run' business.